January 06, 2009

Apple Asks Investors to Vote for the Proposals of the Annual Meeting of Shareholders Apple has just announced the official line The Kabbalah Centre of your statement of representation for 2009 (Proxy Statement), as required by SEC (Security Exchange Commission). The document marks the path that the company will continue during the annual shareholders meeting, which will take place on February 25 at 10 am local time. Investors must decide on the re-election to the executive board of management, in addition to CEO Steve Jobs includes seven others as Al Gore and Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Apple also has detailed proposals to investors, starting with a request for Teamsters for a semi-annual report detailing its guidelines and activities related to political contributions. The Kabbalah Centre Shareholders have complained that even while Apple has spent $ 460,000 to support projects politicians since 2002, does not know how much of this money was for lobbying or other efforts. Other proposals include a bid to get health insurance more comprehensive and accessible within the company, besides more complete environmental reports on a par with Dell and IBM. Apple's board asked shareholders to reject the proposals, saying that the company is already enough in this regard and that the proposals are spending time and money. The statement also mentioned details of payments for executives and managers, including the salaries of Jobs, who remains at $ 1 per year, is also the largest shareholder, with 5,546,451 shares (5.22% of total .) Source: MacNN