October 29, 2008

Bookhuddle, New Social Network of Books The book enthusiasts have a new place to meet new books, manage their personal libraries and share views with the rest of the community. Bookhuddle is the new social network specializing in books, where the first thing to what we were invited after registration is to complete our profile, through the various options. Once completed our profile, is one of the most important steps, which is creating our own personal library. To do so we can make use of searches, either by author, title, ISBN or terms or surf the directory books, through the relevant categories, from arts and photography category to category Travel. Every book that we can choose to add one of the lists we have created, or a new list of some user groups where we participate. We can add labels, and even we can proceed with their purchase, of course, through Amazon.com. As for the lists that we have to default, we have a list of books for which we are all owners, the list of books that we have already read the books we are reading right now, we'd like to read books, and even the list of our favorite books. In addition, it allows us to create new lists according to our needs. But in addition, the card can go to any book, where we find all the details of it, since the author until the alert. In addition, we can make our own assessments and revisions, open discussion threads, recommend, among other actions. The best part is that besides get a selection of similar books. And as social network that is, could not miss the network of friends who create inviting our acquaintances, and also browse the directory of users, suggesting those most interested us, joining our network. And to be more social still, we can join the user groups, or creating our own. Each user group will belong to a category available. As negative points, we have little to indicate the variety of books in existence over other networks, where besides we are not allowed to create chips with books that are not yet in the catalog. And the visual part is also quite basic, such as striking when compared with other social networks, even in its early versions. Let us hope that gradually add new books and improve their appearance. Track | Web2Null Link | Bookhuddle