October 12, 2008

Yokway, Share Anything with Your Circle of Friends As interesting as curious is the service that I am going to present below. We speak of Yokway, a social network that allows us to share anything within a range of channels, and that will be devoted to one of the social circles we've created or belong to him at the invitation of others. Once we discharge, the first thing you have to do is create our social circles, inviting both to subscribers and users without registering with those who want to share things with them. We can also accept invitations to join various social circles. Now we only have to situate some of the timelines available, whether that of our social circles, the social circles of our friends or specifically in the timeline of a social circle in particular. These timelines allow us to see all the discussions or discussions of a channel in particular, may order their contents from the latest comments to the most prominent. We have a big blue button, which will be the one that will allow us to share anything within a specific channel. When you press, we find that the channels available are: web, song, book, movie or restaurant. We just have to enter terms into the search field that we have, and set a Yokway your search. Once the results are displayed, or the results of which will choose one, choose who will run, if we form of personal or one of our social circles, which may be accompanied by comments from texts or video, in this case low integration with Seesmic. All content that we share with ourselves or with our social circles, will appear in our gallery of entries shared, but if we look at any other timeline, the contents or entries contributed by other users, be they of our social circles, circles Our friends or social inputs of all users, we can save them in our gallery, but also, all these contents may be valued, sharing via email and comment. This is a kind of mixture of microblogging and social marker for different types of content, although they rely on search Yokway. Thanks Diego de Haller by the notice. Link | Yokway (Beta privately accessible from this URL) Around the web - in demand: Phoenix Ancient Art